Volcano Classic: Best Cheap Vaporizer

There are a lot of vaporizer’s on the market today; some are more expensive, some are less expensive than others  – some are downright cheap vaporizers. The manufactures of so many herbal vaporizers make promises, but don’t talk much about their warranties. The Volcano Classic is our current pick for the best cheap vaporizer, for reasons we will explain…

volcano classic, best cheap vaporizer, volcano vaporizer, cannabis vaporizerInstead, these same manufacturers spend more money on slick advertisements bragging about the number of colors available. Really, you’re going to spend your hard earned money on an herbal vaporizer, because it matches your drapes or because it looks cool? At SmokeFreeWeed, we’d (weed) rather have a product that works, that vaporizes well, heats up quick, is easy to use and produces good, quality vapor for our vaporizing pleasure.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a pumpkin orange vaporizer; it’s a free country, I guess, and it takes all kinds. But in all of these slick marketing campaigns, you know what is missing? What are missing are descriptions of what kind of materials these cheap vaporizers are constructed from. I mean, sure, it looks cool to have a vaporizer that looks like George Jetsons pipe or was taken from the set of a James Bond movie, but do they work, and if so, for how long? And, most importantly, do they vaporize well and provide the user with a consistent experience? The Volcano Classic has the best warranty, saves your herb and is simple (if a bit unfriendly) to use, making it the best cheap vaporizer out there (cheap is relative).

Returns on vaporizers are more common than anyone cares to admit. Why isn’t there a vaporizer in every honest, hard-working, weed-loving person’s home? SFW.com hit the pavement, surveying over 120 smoke shops across five states and did the research on what’s going on. The results are that the majority of returns are because:

Vaporizer Returns Pie Chart

Now there is a question to ponder, I have seen vaporizers on the market today for under $40.00 complete with a limited, 60 day warranty and made from genuine plastic. Cheap vaporizer…? Try crap vaporizer. These manufactures are fully aware that if these cheap vaporizers were to go all Fukashima on you, how hard are you going to fight with them over $40.00?

Let’s make a fundamental distinction here, there are Cheap Pot Vaporizers and then, there are less expensive herbal vaporizers. The Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel is not a cheap vaporizer. It is manufactured in Germany, with real metal parts of stainless steel and aluminum. It comes from the manufacturer with an unconditional warranty denominated in years, not months. Unless you drop your Volcano Classic or let your dog play with it in the first three years of ownership, Storz & Bickel will repair it, end of story.

This is a balloon vaporizing machine for grown ups and is not a toy. It comes in only one color, brushed stainless steel. The Volcano Classic offers a precise adjustable temperature control, which many cheap vaporizers fail to offer. And, these cheap vaporizers also advise you turn their products off between uses or after 15 minutes, because they are not made to be very easy to use. Why not?

Some even offer extended warranties…for an extended price. Do you know what an extended warranty really is? It is a wager made by a manufacturer or a retailer; they’re betting X amount of dollars that Y amount of product will come back under warranty. They’re betting they can beat the financial odds; it isn’t a warranty as much as it is a wager. It is an advertising gimmick, same as a pumpkin orange herbal vaporizer. The Volcano Classic is the least expensive Balloon Vaporizer on the market that carries a real warranty.

You can put baseball cards in your bicycle spokes with a clothes pin and pretend you’re a sports car, but you’re only playing. You can buy a cheap plastic Herbal vaporizer, but you’re only playing. The Volcano Vaporizer, either the Volcano Digit or the Volcano Classic is a worthy investment.

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