Plug-In Vaporizers: Best Pot Vaporizers

Plug-in vaporizers are vaporizers that plug directly into an outlet and run on AC power. Plug-in vaporizers (such as the Volcano vaporizer) are not generally portable, but usually offer better temperature control. So F***ing What? Plug-in vaporizers are the best pot vaporizers for several reasons. When looking at the cost of a portable versus a plug-in vaporizer, consider that plug-in vaporizers are more efficient pot vaporizers, produce better vapor quality and offer a wider range of experiences tailored to your preference (see Volcano Vaporizer review).

Plug-in vaporizers may offer either balloon/bag (forced air) or whip delivery, come in box or tower style design, and may be digital or analog. Users often pay extra for certain features, such as balloon vaporizers with the forced air component, and for digital displays or readouts, so consider this when looking for the best cheap vaporizers for your needs.

whipVolcano vaporizer balloon

The best feature of plug-in vaporizers is that they offer a better degree of temperature control that you cannot find in portable vaporizers. The power needs to precisely control temperature are too great for the portable vaporizers battery- or butane- systems.

The better temperature control, the better the vapor quality. As we all know, vaporizing at too high a temperature with an unreliable device can lead to combustion/smoking. But did you know that users can more accurately set the temperature that best vaporizes a greater variety of herbal content – for oils, concentrates and waxes, vape at lower temps; for denser herb, vape at higher temps.

The variable temperature of plug-in vaporizers makes for a more controlled experience by isolating temperatures that vaporize specific volatile compounds. This is most important for pot vaporizers. For example, the different cannabinoids in the cannabis plant vaporize at different temperatures. If you want to release CBD for a more sedative, body relaxation effect (couch-lock), vaporizing at lower temperatures will reduce the presence of other cannabinoids with high psychoactive properties such as THC, and reduce the chance of elevated heart rate or paranoia.

Balloon vaporizers are considered to be the best for vapor quality because of the forced air and temperature stability (see our Volcano Vaporizer Review). Balloon vaporizers are only available as plug-in vaporizers. The forced air necessary to inflate the bag requires sufficient power to run the blower as well as controlling the temperature, and in some cases, even regulating the temperature for a stable experience.

Most importantly, plug-in vaporizers and their ability to control temperature will conserve your herb. Precise, adjustable temperature controls will prolong the life of your herbal content and help you get the most out of your herbs. Limited temperature ranges on portables are fine for quick use or travel, but limit the experience and efficiency of the device. Less vapor can be ‘extracted’ when you can’t set the temperature low enough or high enough. It’s like eating just the center out of the Oreo cookie – tasty enough, but not the whole experience, and more than a little wasteful.

[box_info]Portable vaporizers are direct inhalation only, and don’t offer the temperature range of plug-in vaporizers. Without the degree of temperature control, portable vaporizers can’t compete with plug-in vaporizers when it comes to vapor quality.[/box_info]

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  1. I jst bought a tower style w/ no temp control. It’s jst a shaft w/ a glass bowl covering a metal bowl that seems to be for substances. Burned everything. I don’t even know if I’m drawing vapor or small amounts of smoke. I would appreciate any help conserving the stash. Research is expensive these days.


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